Cost Summary Reports for DA

November 22, 2023

Expertise in Crafting DA Submissions Reports

Certified by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), our team specializes in crafting tailored Registered Quantity Surveyor Cost Summary Reports for NSW local council Development Applications (DAs). These pivotal reports, mandated by most councils upon reaching project development cost thresholds, play a crucial role in determining fees and contributions (EPA Section 7.12).

Adhering strictly to council regulations, our precision in cost estimates assures clients of avoiding unnecessary charges. When you avail of our services, expect comprehensive assistance—estimation based on relevant DA drawings, meticulous crafting of council-formatted reports, and completion of requisite forms. Our reports, adorned with AIQS credentials and our certification signature, guarantee a professional submission.

Tailored Reports Aligned with Council Criteria

Certified under AIQS as Quantity Surveyors, we skillfully tailor reports to align with specific council formats and criteria. Additionally, the utilization of the most recent electronic DA drawings significantly expedites our efficient service delivery. Moreover, acknowledging project urgencies, we’re fully prepared to meet stringent deadlines, ensuring prompt and effective report preparation.

Acquire Your Cost Summary Reports Quote Today

To inquire about your NSW Council Cost Summary Report for DA, visit or reach out to us at Our commitment lies in providing specialized services and guiding you seamlessly through the DA submission process.