Council DA Cost Report

November 22, 2023

What is a Council DA Detailed Cost Report?

Are you currently in the crucial stage of compiling documentation for your local council’s Development Application (DA) approval? Subsequently, you might have encountered the need for a ‘Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Detailed Cost Summary Report.’ Consequently, are you curious about the rationale behind this requirement for the Council DA Cost Report?

Development values greater than the threshold require a report to be prepared by a “Registered Quantity Surveyor (QS)” This is a quantity surveyor who is a full member (either Fellow or Member grade level) of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). (

The detailed cost report for the council’s Development Application (DA) stands as a crucial tool utilized by local councils. Furthermore, it aids in computing development contribution fees mandated by Section 7.12 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act 1979). Under this clause, councils gain the authority to levy charges on developers, based on a percentage of the development cost. These charges are intended to enhance or expand local infrastructure projects, with the specific percentage varying among councils.

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