Council DA Cost Summary Report

November 22, 2023

The Council DA Cost Summary Report significantly substantiates the Development Application (DA) for council approval, guaranteeing ample infrastructure provisions for the project’s expanded footprint. Our methodology involves consulting resources such as Rawling Sons (Australian Construction Handbook) and Cordell’s (Building Cost Guide), utilizing practical experience to compute labor and material expenses, aligning precisely with the items specified in Northern Beaches Council’s Development Analysis.

In compliance with Northern Beaches Council’s requirements, a certified quantity surveyor must prepare both a cost estimate report and a comprehensive cost report. Our team diligently completed the Council DA Cost Summary Report, strictly adhering to the council’s specified template, a task exclusively designated to registered quantity surveyors. Swiftly completing this within 4 days met our client’s urgent timeline, averting potential setbacks in their Development Application (DA) progress.

Council DA Cost Summary Report

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