How Construction Progress Claims Can Help Builders (and How our Quantity Surveyor’s Approach them)

November 22, 2023

Progress claims serve as crucial components in construction projects where payments aren’t made as a lump sum, enabling access to funds periodically from the financier. These funds may be obtained upon completion of specific construction milestones or after predetermined time intervals. Nevertheless, the expertise of a proficient quantity surveyor is fundamental in ensuring comprehensive progress claims construction invoices. Let’s delve into why this expertise is indispensable and explore how progress claims can significantly benefit your project.

Streamlined construction projects

Progress claim construction invoices are intertwined with an efficient construction timeline. Before project initiation, the endeavor is divided into distinct phases. Upon the completion of each phase, a progress claim is forwarded to the financier, presenting an itemized breakdown of all costs associated with the recently concluded phase. This process facilitates the release of funds earmarked for the subsequent phase.

While a detailed construction blueprint remains imperative for all projects, progress claims introduce an additional level of rigor. They compel adherence to a more exhaustive methodology, accounting for previously overlooked elements, such as potential issues or meticulous material lists and procuring suppliers in advance. This proactive approach pays dividends by mitigating last-minute decisions or complications that might otherwise impede construction progress, while concurrently ensuring a more streamlined and organized project execution.

Instilled trust from the client

Following the scrutiny of the progress claim construction invoice by the client, quantity surveyor, and financier, a physical inspection of the site ensues subsequent to each phase. This inspection verifies that the tasks outlined in the invoice align with the actual physical progress on-site. A certified quantity surveyor undertakes this assessment, and in certain instances, the client may opt to be present to witness the ongoing progression of their project.

This practice serves to cultivate trust and confidence in your proficiency and workmanship, fostering a stronger client-contractor relationship. Such a relationship often leads to referrals and potential future collaborations. Moreover, the site inspection offers an opportunity for clients to raise queries about the project, thus gaining a deeper understanding and assurance. Witnessing not only the work completed but also your comprehensive knowledge backing it can significantly bolster their confidence in your capabilities.

More efficient financial decisions

Given the allocated funds for each phase, precise management of inventory procurement and labor distribution becomes imperative. This operational constraint mandates efficiency as it adheres to a stringent financial timeline, thereby reinforcing the notion of a well-structured project, as previously highlighted.

This disciplined approach is reinforced by the obligatory assessments at the culmination of each phase, demanding a meticulous breakdown of every expenditure. Engaging one of our adept quantity surveyors ensures a thorough and comprehensive progress claim construction invoice, maintaining cost precision across the project’s entirety. Inquire about our construction budgets for added project security and accuracy.

How we approach progress claim

  1. Before moving forward to the next phase, the preceding one must be assessed by one of our expert quantity surveyors. We can provide comprehensive and professional progress claim construction invoice templates to ensure your submission to the financier is impeccably presented.
  2. Once you have filled out the invoice, we will inspect it and verify all the costs. This includes an on-site inspection and meeting with you, the builder, to ensure every aspect is reported and to guarantee the most accurate report possible.
  3. In addition to providing a professional invoice template, we will also create an accurate cash flow report to further outline what has been spent, how much is left and if there are any variations to the contract — this will give the financier a better understanding of the progress so far and what to expect moving forward.
  4. Our progress claim quantity surveying service is guaranteed to only take a maximum of three days so the impact on the project’s progress is mitigated as much as possible.

Premium quantity surveying services

Cost Logic offers complete quantity surveying services Australia-wide; our solutions are guaranteed to be accurate, comprehensive and quick so you can enjoy our trusted service in an efficient timeframe. With over a decade of industry experience, our qualified QS’ will assist you with all your progress claim and construction management services such as providing bank prefunding reports and section 94 reports.

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