NSW Councils Cost Summary Report

November 22, 2023

Denary stands committed to delivering the NSW Councils Cost Summary Report efficiently and precisely aligned with your Council’s guidelines. Our meticulous approach ensures the accurate completion of this imperative report, meeting all stipulated requirements. We prioritize swift processing and immediate email dispatch, guaranteeing the finalized report within 48 hours of receiving all essential information. Our dedication aims to streamline the process, ensuring compliance and efficiency, crucial for meeting your development objectives seamlessly.

To have Denary undertake a Cost Summary Report for your development please provide the following information:

  1. Development Application Number (If known): 
  2. Development Application Date (If known):
  3. Complying Development Application Number (If known):
  4. Applicant Name:
  5. Applicants Address:
  6. Development:
  7. Development Address:
  8. Development Plans – Demolition Plan, Site Plan, Floor Plans & Elevations.
NSW Councils Cost Summary Report

Some of the Councils were have completed reports for include:

  • Bankstown City Council;
  • Cessnock City Council;
  • Georges River Council;
  • Lake Macquarie City Council;
  • Leichhardt Council;
  • Maitland City Council;
  • Muswell brook Shire Council;
  • Newcastle City Council;
  • Northern Beaches Council;
  • Port Stephens Council;
  • Randwick City Council;
  • Upper Hunter Shire Council;
  • Warringal Council;
  • Waverly Council;
  • Willoughby City Council;
  • Wollongong City Council;
  • Woollahra Municipal Council;


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This information can be emailed directly to info@costlogic.com.au
If you wish to discuss any matters in relation to these reports please visit us via https://costlogic.com.au/contact-us/  or call the office on 415 533 622