NSW Councils’ Section 94A Detailed Cost Report

November 22, 2023

Council Construction Cost Estimate Requirements

For projects exceeding specific financial thresholds set by NSW Councils, obtaining a Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Detailed Cost Report, specifically designed for Section 94A compliance, may become necessary.

Section 94A Contribution: Essential Payment in Development Applications

The Section 94A Detailed Cost Report significantly matters in Development Applications (DAs) and crucially contributes to the approval process mandated by local councils. It intricately links to a council’s percentage-based contribution, calculated from the project’s total construction cost.

Certified Quantity Surveyors become crucial when projects exceed $500,000*. They conduct mandatory and comprehensive cost estimations, necessary for Section 94A compliance set by local councils. Their accurate reports aid the smooth progression of Development Applications.

This specific report, tailored to meet the Section 94A requirements, serves as a financial indicator for councils to ensure appropriate fees and contributions are made by the developers or builders. Moreover, it serves as a safeguard mechanism to maintain financial accountability and transparency throughout the development process.

The meticulousness of these reports, conducted by accredited Quantity Surveyors, is fundamental in guaranteeing accurate assessments and aligning with the stringent regulations set forth by various NSW councils. Furthermore, it helps mitigate discrepancies and ensures that the council’s contributions are proportionate to the project’s actual construction costs.

Ultimately, the Section 94A Detailed Cost Report stands as a crucial document that not only adheres to legal mandates but also ensures fairness, accuracy, and compliance within the realm of construction projects subject to Development Application processes.

Cost Logic: Expert Section 94A Council Cost Estimators

Cost Logic specializes in swift and cost-effective Section 94A council cost estimates, serving builders, architects, and developers with comprehensive advice and rapid responses throughout the application process. Contact us for more information or visit our website to explore our services. We are certified to provide Section 94 reports as required by local councils.