The Value of Registered Quantity Surveyors

November 22, 2023

Embarking on a construction project marks an exhilarating journey, yet undoubtedly, challenges are bound to arise. While budget dictates material selection and labor expenses, adhering to timelines while upholding top-notch standards remains paramount. Developers frequently encounter issues when their project surpasses estimated costs or extends beyond the anticipated timeframe, potentially halting progress.

For a seamless project execution, a proficient team overseeing the intricacies is imperative. Collaborating with our team of quantity surveyors at Cost Logic offers a multitude of advantages, ranging from cost-efficiency to meticulous quality control and adept dispute management. At Cost Logic, we alleviate the stress and complexities inherent in completing building projects, aspiring for this article to be a helpful resource.

Cost Savings

Quantity surveyors are tasked with providing accurate construction cost estimates, and once you have this in hand you can get started with project planning. We can update your estimated cost on a monthly or weekly basis, helping you to manage cash flow more effectively. We take a detailed look at your construction plans and market rates for materials and labour, and our estimates are benchmarked against existing data for accuracy. Simply put, our services will save you money and give you a better idea of where your money is being spent. You will be free to focus on running your project, without needing to worry too much about the financial side of things.

Personalised Service to Help You Achieve Your Goals

During our initial consultation, a team member will engage in a brief conversation with you. Every client holds significance for us, and our aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project’s vision and priorities. Occasionally, an idea that appears promising on paper could be exorbitantly costly or potentially unfeasible. To facilitate the realization of your aspirations, we’ll conduct a feasibility study, offering a clearer perspective on how you might approach the project.

Record Keeping and Easy Management of Budget

The construction industry is ever-changing and fiercely competitive, with costs often exhibiting weekly fluctuations. Beyond mere component costs, considerations encompass manual labor and a spectrum of diverse tradespeople. Managing all these facets independently can pose a logistical challenge, prompting numerous developers to entrust these responsibilities to us. We meticulously monitor every expense, offering suggestions for cost control measures to curtail unnecessary expenditure wherever possible.

Dispute Resolution

Encountering challenges during construction, whether minor disputes, timeline discrepancies, conflicting concepts, or accidental damages, is a common occurrence. These issues can cast a negative atmosphere on-site, potentially affecting the project’s quality. Our intervention aims to swiftly resolve any disputes as soon as they arise. We’re committed to facilitating agreements, ensuring that your project regains its momentum toward a successful outcome.

With you all the way

Your quantity surveyor will assist you throughout every phase, from conception to conclusion. Our objective is to materialize the precise vision you envisaged, and we remain readily accessible for consultations throughout.

Upon project completion, we furnish you with a comprehensive final report, delineating the entire project cost and all incurred expenses. This document serves as a valuable reference for future use, such as when discussing your development with friends or family.

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We hope this article has helped to shed some light on the value of quantity surveying services. If you are about to embark on a project and would like some support, please get in touch with us today. We look forward to working with you.