NSW Council DA Estimates & DA Cost Report

November 23, 2023

Understanding Development Applications in NSW

In New South Wales (NSW), individuals submit Development Applications (DAs) to local councils for various property development purposes, such as constructing new buildings, refurbishing existing structures, or modifying land usage. Essential to this process is the meticulous preparation and submission of the NSW Council Estimates DA Cost Report. This report meticulously outlines the expected expenses for proposed projects, serving as the cornerstone for effective planning and budgeting.

Importance of the NSW Council Estimates DA Cost Report in Development Applications

The NSW Council Estimates DA Cost Report precisely outlines expenses for proposed projects, proving pivotal for NSW councils. It significantly aids in calculating fees and levies tied to development.

When submitting a DA, one must provide detailed development plans and comply with NSW legislation and council mandates.

NSW council DA estimates cover various costs, from construction to professional fees, meeting specific requirements like BASIX and BAL.

Whether submitting directly to the Council or via the NSW Planning Portal website, our expertise ensures comprehensive handling of diverse report variations for an NSW Council DA Estimate.

As AIQS Registered Quantity Surveyors, we specialize in preparing NSW Council DA Estimates and Council Cost Reports, meeting local councils’ requisites or NSW Planning for DA.

We are experts in this and our service includes: –

  • Reviewing the plans which are to be submitted as part of the DA or CC;
  • Creating an estimate typically aligns with the Australian Cost Management Manuals provided by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.;
  • Calculating the development costs in accordance with the definition of the Local Council
  • The inclusion of GST in the calculation;
  • Measuring Gross Floor Areas aligns with the Building Areas. Measurement Method described in AIQS Cost Management Manual Volume 1, Appendix A2.
  • Populating and signing the forms required by Council

As accredited Quantity Surveyors under the  Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), we excel in creating detailed, council-specific cost estimates tailored precisely to your council’s format and specifications.

For a customized NSW Council DA Estimate tailored to your project’s needs, utilize the provided link or email us at info@costlogic.com.au. Contact us for expedited services in urgent situations.

Our expertise lies in crafting council DA estimates and cost reports for ALL NSW councils. We possess extensive experience and a deep understanding of the unique prerequisites and forms associated with each council.