Council Cost Report

November 24, 2023

Understanding Council Cost Reports

Council Cost Report, referred to by various names such as “Registered Quantity Surveyors Detailed Cost Reports,” “Elaborate Cost Estimates,” or “Council DA Estimates,” are vital documents sought by councils when processing Development Application submissions.

Criteria for Submitting Council Cost Reports

The council mandates a cost summary report submission based on construction value. Projects below a certain threshold empower architects to provide the report. Yet, surpassing this threshold. often around $500,000 requires involvement from a Registered or Certified Quantity Surveyor.

Architect’s Role in Determining Requirements

Architects determine the council’s jurisdiction for project assessment. They research threshold requirements and advise on Quantity Surveyor involvement, essential for ensuring compliance.

Importance of Cost Analysis Breakdown

A council cost analysis report provides an elemental cost analysis derived from DA Architectural Plans, excluding additional service drawing measurements.

Standardized Council Formats

Councils use various formats but request the same information. Cost Logic utilizes a standardized form accepted by all NSW councils, aligned with City of Sydney’s format, ensuring comprehensive report inclusion.

Partnering with Registered Quantity Surveyors

Cost Logic specializes in preparing Council DA Estimates and Council Cost Reports for NSW councils. Reach out for a quote or project assessment at or click here.