Council Cost Report for Your Construction Projects

April 4, 2024

Introduction to Council Cost Reports by Cost Logic

At Cost Logic, we understand the crucial role that Council Cost Report play in the approval process of construction projects. As Registered Quantity Surveyors, we specialize in providing comprehensive reports that are essential for submitting Development Applications (DA) and Construction Certificates (CC) to local councils. Moreover, our aim is to streamline this process for our clients, ensuring compliance and efficiency every step of the way.

What is a Council QS Cost Report?

A Council Cost Report, a vital document submitted alongside your DA and CC, serves as an essential component in gaining approval for your construction project. At Cost Logic, we offer two types of cost estimate report forms tailored to the specific needs of your project: one for projects under $500,000 and another for those exceeding this threshold.

Development Approval Cost Report (DA Report)

The Development Approval Cost Report, often referred to as the DA Report, represents the initial step towards obtaining approval from the local council for your construction endeavor. It encompasses a collection of reports and documents necessary for the approval process, aiding in identifying applicable authority fees that developers are required to pay.

When Are QS Reports Required?

In accordance with New South Wales (NSW) council regulations, a Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Cost Report becomes obligatory when the estimated project cost surpasses a predefined threshold, typically ranging between $500,000 and $3,000,000. This report serves to verify construction costs and supplements the DA or CC certifications.

Understanding Section 94 Contributions

Section 94 Contributions, mandated by law, necessitate payment by investors to their local council once a construction project’s estimated cost exceeds $500,000. These contributions are allocated towards regional infrastructure and community amenities, excluding sewage facilities, thereby enhancing the local area.

Importance of Section 94 Reports

Section 94 Reports are indispensable not only for legal compliance but also for budget management throughout the project’s duration. By engaging a professional quantity surveyor, such as Cost Logic, to create and regularly update these reports, investors can effectively monitor costs in real-time, ensuring adherence to budgetary constraints.

Focus Areas of Cost Logic’s Section 94 Reports

At Cost Logic, our Section 94 Reports focus on two primary areas:

Main Elemental Costs: Encompassing various building components, internal and external fabrics, services, preliminaries, and finishes.
Sub-Elemental Costs: Comprising individual components like doors, walls, plumbing, etc. We analyze data meticulously to provide tailored reports with estimated costs and rates.

Get Your Cost Estimate Report with Cost Logic

With Cost Logic, you can ensure your project stays on budget and on schedule. Our professional quantity surveyors will:

  • Inspect your development plans
  • Calculate construction costs in accordance with Australian Cost Management Manual
  • Ensure GST inclusion in the total project cost Benefit from our expertise and streamline your construction project. Contact us today to obtain your Council Cost Report as required by the NSW local council.

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