Council Cost Reports DA with Cost Logic

June 28, 2024

Council Cost Reports, often referred to as “Registered Quantity Surveyors Detail Cost Report”, “Detailed Cost Estimate” or “Council DA Estimate”, are essential documents requested by councils during the submission of a Development Application (DA).

What is a Council Cost Report?

A Council Cost Report is a comprehensive document that councils require when you submit a Development Application. This report provides a detailed estimate of the construction costs for the proposed project. The necessity for such a report depends on the value of the construction project.

When is a Council Cost Report Required?

Regardless of the construction value, councils will require a cost summary report. The qualifications of the person preparing the report depend on the project’s value. For projects below a specific value threshold, usually the architect can provide this summary. However, if the project exceeds this threshold, typically $500,000, the report must be prepared by a Registered or Certified Quantity Surveyor. It’s important to note that this threshold varies between different councils.

Determining the Requirement

Your architect determines the council jurisdiction and specific requirements for your project. They check if your project exceeds the value threshold and if a Quantity Surveyor needs to prepare the report. This report reflects the project’s construction costs and helps the council determine the development application fee you need to pay.

Components of a Council Cost Report

A Council Cost Report features an elemental cost analysis breakdown, derived from measuring the DA Architectural Plans. It excludes measurements from additional service drawings. Although each council may use its own format, the information they request remains consistent across councils.

Standardized Reporting

At Cost Logic, we utilize a standardized form that all councils across NSW accept. This ensures we accurately detail all necessary items for the council submission report. For example, the City of Sydney offers an Excel format download specifying all required elements for the submission.

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