How to Estimate Equipment Cost in Construction

Understanding the intricacies of estimating equipment costs in construction is crucial for effective project planning and cost management. This guide delves deep into the process of equipment construction cost estimate  , emphasizing its significant role in steering projects toward success. The Significance of Equipment Cost Estimation Accurate equipment cost estimation is foundational to the success […]

What is a Contingency Sum in Construction?

In the intricate world of construction project management, contingency sums are not just financial line items; they are vital tools ensuring project success. These funds serve as crucial buffers, meticulously allocated to address unforeseen costs and challenges that are a common occurrence in the dynamic construction landscape. This comprehensive guide delves into the concept of […]

Bill of Quantities Prepared Guide for Construction Professionals

A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is an indispensable document in construction project management, serving as a detailed representation of a project’s scope and its associated costs. It’s a tool that bridges the gap between conceptual design and tangible execution, ensuring all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the project’s material and financial requirements. This comprehensive […]

The Quantity Surveyor (QS) Reports by Cost Logic

What is a Quantity Surveyor (QS) Report? A Quantity Surveyor (QS) Reports is essential for assessing tax deductions due to the depreciation of investment properties. This report, which outlines annual deductions, is also known as: These reports are prepared by qualified and registered quantity surveyors, professionals specializing in estimating construction costs at all stages of […]

Council Development Application Cost Estimates

At Cost Logic, we specialize in providing quantity surveyor reports tailored for council development application (DA). Our development cost estimates help clients meet regulatory requirements, enabling their projects to progress smoothly. Unmatched Council Development Cost Estimates Our Council Development Application Cost Estimates service is a standout offering that distinguishes us from other quantity surveying firms. […]

Cost-Plus Building Contracts

What is a cost-plus building contract? A cost-plus building contract entails the project owner covering all construction expenses, including direct and indirect costs, and paying an additional profit margin to the contractor. This profit margin is usually determined by a predefined percentage to account for overhead. This type of contract offers significant convenience for contractors, […]

Progress Claims in Construction

What Are Progress Claims in Construction? A progress claim, also known as a progress payment, is a document submitted by a builder to their client, requesting payment for work completed to date based on an agreed-upon payment schedule. These claims are regulated by the construction contract between the involved parties and may be made as […]

Council Cost Reports DA with Cost Logic

Council Cost Reports, often referred to as “Registered Quantity Surveyors Detail Cost Report”, “Detailed Cost Estimate” or “Council DA Estimate”, are essential documents requested by councils during the submission of a Development Application (DA). What is a Council Cost Report? A Council Cost Report is a comprehensive document that councils require when you submit a […]

Cost Plan vs Cost Estimates

Understanding Cost Estimates What is Cost Estimating? Cost estimating is crucial in the early stages of a construction project, where detailed design plans and specifications are not yet defined. Serving as a cost benchmark, cost estimates provide a comprehensive overview of all construction stages, helping in projecting the project’s budget and making critical decisions about […]

How to Create an Effective Cost Summary Report for Your DA

When preparing a council development application (DA), an effective cost summary report is crucial. It provides a detailed financial overview of the proposed project, ensuring transparency and facilitating the approval process. At Cost Logic, a registered quantity surveying company in Australia, we specialize in creating comprehensive cost summary reports tailored to your needs. This guide […]