Cost Summary Report Comprehensive Guide for Council DA

Within the intricate process of securing approval for your development application (DA) from the local council in Australia, one document emerges as particularly crucial – the Cost Summary Report. Crafted by Cost Logic, a renowned authority in project cost management, this report assumes a pivotal role in showcasing the financial feasibility and viability of your […]

Building Cost Estimating & Quantity Surveyor Services

We are highly experienced Quantity Surveyors who offer comprehensive cost estimating services to our clients. Our goal is to help you save time and money by providing accurate and reliable cost estimates for your building projects. Building Cost Estimating Services Our comprehensive building cost estimation services are tailored to offer a meticulous breakdown of expenses […]

What Goes into a Bank Prefunding Report?

A bank prefunding report is an in-depth account that a quantity surveyor engages in on behalf of homeowners. The purpose of such a report is to seek financial approval for a construction project from the bank. Today’s article will be looking at some of the elements that go into such a report and how quantity […]

How Construction Progress Claims Can Help Builders (and How our Quantity Surveyor’s Approach them)

Progress claims serve as crucial components in construction projects where payments aren’t made as a lump sum, enabling access to funds periodically from the financier. These funds may be obtained upon completion of specific construction milestones or after predetermined time intervals. Nevertheless, the expertise of a proficient quantity surveyor is fundamental in ensuring comprehensive progress […]

The Value of Registered Quantity Surveyors

Embarking on a construction project marks an exhilarating journey, yet undoubtedly, challenges are bound to arise. While budget dictates material selection and labor expenses, adhering to timelines while upholding top-notch standards remains paramount. Developers frequently encounter issues when their project surpasses estimated costs or extends beyond the anticipated timeframe, potentially halting progress. For a seamless […]

Cost Logic Estimating Services

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Bank QS report

In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, banks are at the forefront of ensuring stability and trust in the economy.