Cost Consultancy

Cost Logic provides cost consultancy services where we advise clients on the total cost of the project, feasibility, site planning, and more.

Service Overview

Our quantity surveyors can assess material cost, labour cost along with other expenses. The surveyors would compile all these costs to provide an estimate as to the total cost of the project. Cost planning is a comprehensive process because it is evolving throughout the construction process. As the designs, materials, and labour are locked down, it becomes easier to give more concrete estimates.

To provide the cost consultancy services you deserve, we will undertake a number of services which include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Defining project budgets
  • Preparing cost plans
  • Writing the bill of quantities
  • Comparing design plans against the current budget
  • Projecting cash flow estimations
  • Offering advice on a procurement strategy

Cost consultancy services are invaluable because they ensure the construction project stays within the budget. We can also ensure that design plans stay within budget and suggest ways to develop a strategy to obtain payments. We will start with an initial cost appraisal, and conclude with a final account.