Estimating and Tendering

We provide estimating and tendering services based on drawings and specifications.

Service Overview

Estimating and tendering are often used interchangeably though the two processes are separate and distinct from one another. Estimating is the projection of building house cost, the quantity of materials, work method, and profit.

The process requires the experience of an experienced professional because of incredible insight and knowledge into the construction industry is required. Tendering, on the other hand, follows estimating.

Tendering refers to the creation of an offer based on the estimates. A tender is an offer for a supply of goods needed to complete the project. If the tender is accepted it becomes a contract.

Tender documents include a wide variety of documents ranging from contracts to equipment supply to demolition. Ideally, tender documents should be divided into different packages with its own drawings and specification so that it’s easier to assign to different subcontractors. Tender documents are a crucial part of take-off estimation because the builders need to calculate required materials based on information from tender documents. Since the tender is essentially a contract on offer, it needs to be incredibly accurate, right down to the smallest detail.

Why Use Cost Logic?

Reliable and professional: Our clients have praised our professional attitude. We value your time and promise to respond promptly.

All services from a single vendor: We provide a wide range of services from budget estimation to valuation of work. Perform all the work you need at a single vendor.

IQS Membership: Certified members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

Actively involved in different sectors: While most surveyors stick to one sector, we cover many – ranging from residential to commercial.

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