We address variations in a contract, providing advice in cost variations and other implications of changes in the contract.

Services Overview

Our team of construction consultants is experienced in handling changes in the construction contract. The architect may issue changes that the contractor is obliged to adhere to, especially if there is a clause in the contract. Changes to a construction contract are unavoidable but there are consequences, which include costs that exceed the budget.

We provide clients with advice on the best way to handle changes to a construction contract. Our team can also anticipate the consequences of these changes. Our services in this regard include:

  • Identifying the required changes
  • Measuring additional work
  • Advising clients on how to handle costs.
  • Setting up procedures on agreeing to changes.

As experienced construction consultants, we will track all changes and measure the degree of impact. We will take a close look at each change, along with any net positive value. We will then summarise these findings in a report, along with advice on the next step to be taken.

Why Use Cost Logic?

A wide range of services from a single vendor: We provide a wide range of services from budget estimation to valuation of work. Perform all the work you need through a single vendor.

From residential to commercial: While most surveyors stick to one sector, we cover many – ranging from residential to commercial.

IQS Membership: We are proud to be members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

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